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Ch.Ahornstreet Black for Ever  Top winner & Top producer

"Elaine" born : 14.08.96 - died : 14.09.2012
                                                                     Pedigree HD A2

                                 Show Results


World Champion 2000, Intern. Champion, German Champion, VDH Champion, Luxembourg Champion, Netherland Chamion, Sweden Champion, Belgien Champion, Dänischer Champion,  Winner Amsterdam 1999, DPK Special Winnershow - DPK Jubiläumssieger 99, Ch. E.N.C.I. DELL ANNO 1998, DPK Special Winnershow - DPK Jubiläumssieger 98, Germ, Lux. JgdCh, Club Junior Winner (DPK,VDP, PZV), Junior Winner Amsterdam 97, Bundes junior Winner Germ. Dortmund 97 with BOS , Bundes Junior Winner Austr. Tulln 97 with BOB a Group-6rd, Junior Winner of all Breeds Hasselt- 5 rd Luxembourg 2rd

Best in Show Winner

Europe Winner 2001


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Elaine + Ch.Barim Choux Porteè ,born 06.09.2001

Elaine + Ch.Kaylen´s Reason to Believe   ,born 10.10.2003

Ahornstreet´s Kenneth

Ahornstreet´s Marian

Ch. Ahornstreet´s Kimberly

JgdCh.Ahornstreet´s Morpheus
Ahornstreet´s Mr. Right
Ahornstreet´s Mona Lisa
Ch.Ahornstreet´s Murphy

Elaine + Ch.Barim Choux Porteè ,born 14.03.2002

Elaine + Ch.Kaylen´s Reason to Believe ,born 31.08.2004

Ahornstreet´s La Macheri

Ahornstreet´s O`Conner

Ahornstreet´s Liane

Ch.Ahornstreet´s O´Jay Simpson

Ch.Ahornstreet´s Lilien

Ahornstreet´s Overjoyed

Ahornstreet`s little Mary

Ahornstreet´s Ontario

Ahornstreet`s Louis

Ahornstreet´s Lucifel

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