Härbovi`s Crash Boom Bang

Ch. Pinafore Bachelor
Ch. Summermist Pinafore Bomerang Ch. Pinafore President Ch. Safari´s Show Explorer
Ch. Pinafore Parade
Summermist Heatwave Ch. Wycliffe Michael
Ch. Summermist Love Potion
Pinafore´s Bashful Lady Ch. Syrena Commodore UD Ch. Rimskittle Roughneck
Ch. Syrena Columbiana, CD
Pinafore Molly Malone Ch Pinafore Barrymore
Ch.Pinafore Memories of Domino
Härbovi´s Chasin´Rain Bows
Ch. Härbovi´s Never Lose A Date Ch. Twin Tops Loss- Leader Ch. Tickatee Tam-O´Shanter
Ch. Racketeer I`m No Angel
Härbovi´s Never Say Never Ch. Lentella Love Unlimited
Ch. Dagny
Racketeer In The Pink Again Ch. Racketeer Play It Again Sam Ch. Malibu Onedin Line
Ch. Springett The Lady Racketeer
Pinky Ch. Vicmars Tally Ho
Leighbridge Sandstrom

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