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Kaylen's Repeat Performance born 30.07.2004

Ch. Kaylen's Cadillac Style Ch. Lamarka's Nomeolvides Am./Can. Ch. Pamala's Manderley Spellbound Ch. Eaton Tsavo
Can. Ch. Pamala's Darling Lil
Ch. Sharbelle Fleur de Lis Ch. Eaton Affirmed
Ch. Sharbelle Queen Anne's Lace
Ch. Tiara-Kaylen's Yours-N-Mine, CD Ch. Tiara Tuxedo Ch. Summermist Tarzan
Ch. Eaton Elaboration
Ch. Tiara Quintillion Ch. Valhalla Pride and Prejudice
Ch. Eaton Elaboration
Ch. Kaylen's Best of Intentions Ch. Lake Cove of Course Am./Can. Ch. Trelarken's Turn Back Time TP BIS Ch. Whisperwind's On A Carousel TP
Trelarken's Deliverance, CD
Ch. Lake Cove Just For The Joy Of It Ch. Whisperwind Brass Band
Dacun's Yes Ma'am of Madfir
Kaylen's Dansel Cover Girl Ch. Kaylen's Cadillac Style Ch. LaMarka's Nomeolvides
Ch. Tiara-Kaylen's Yours-N-Mine, CD
Ch. Dalchrista's Chorus Line Luna Chorus Line Zeau
Ch. Peckerwood By Golly Miss Molly


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