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Aaron's Rod Poodle Kennel Kartanon Kruunu silvers and apricots Finland
Kennel After Five Poodle Sweden anibul18.gif (8972 Byte) Kennel Edward's
Alexandras Pudelhörna - Sweden Kennel Old House Finland
Alamoana Poodle Australia anibul18.gif (8972 Byte) vom Konstantinforst Toy, Miniature apricot Poodle, Germanyanibul18.gif (8972 Byte)
Angel Bells Poodles Toy USA anibul18.gif (8972 Byte) Kiribbos Kennel Finland
Anitas Pudelzucht Miniature Poodle,Black Germany anibul18.gif (8972 Byte) K-Lar Kennel Standard Poodle Canada
Apricot Standard Poodles (Sweden) Ladow's Beautiful Poodle Babies  Porter TX  
Art Attack kennel - Sweden Lameer's Peter Player Finland
Ash's Mystical Poodles Lee Fran Standard Poodles 
Astii Standard Poodles Landmann  Kleinpudel Germany
Avion Standard Poodle (USA) Länsmansgårdens Pudlar - Sweden
Avonti Standard Poodles Lapponia's Standard- and dwarfpoodles Finland
Baladin Kennels (Standard- & Toy Poodles, Canada) Lapponia´s Standard Poodle Finland
Balroze Reg'd Standard Poodles Lemerle Famous Celebrity Standard Poodle Finnland
Kennel Barfly Poodle Sweden anibul18.gif (8972 Byte) Lena Åbergs Pudelsida (Standard Poodles, Sweden)
Beeba's Poodles  Kennel Liliencrons Poodle Sweden anibul18.gif (8972 Byte)
Beth Hilborn (Canada) Lövskärs Kennel Finland
Belotsvetik kennel - Russia anibul18.gif (8972 Byte) Lonn Star Poodle Club (USA)
BIBELOT Standard Poodles Canada anibul18.gif (8972 Byte) Loverslane Poodles(USA)
Black Basic kennel - Sweden Lowe Blair Standard Poodle Canada anibul18.gif (8972 Byte)
Black Brilliant´s (Dwarf- & Toy Poodles, Sweden) LuJax's Toy Poodles
Pudelzucht und Hundesalon Braun Poodle Germany anibul18.gif (8972 Byte) Luxemburger Pudelclub (Luxemburg)
Brammarp (Sweden) anibul18.gif (8972 Byte) Nicheca 

Brei-Ca's Standard and Miniature Poodles - Denmark

Nordic Fashion Poodle  Sweden anibul18.gif (8972 Byte)
Brenda's Toy Poodles Nutlee Odessa - Canada
Brocade Kennels USA Standard Poodle von NÜBBEL Miniature Germany anibul18.gif (8972 Byte)
Bonwill Perm Reg'd  Magicstar and Puymeras Poodles Black & White. Warsaw ,VA 
Bonwill II Standard Poodle Canada anibul18.gif (8972 Byte) Maraschwa's Golden Dream Apricot Großpudel Germany
Candyland Farms (USA) Martinas Homepage   Pudelfreund
CASPIAN LINE Standard / MiniaturePoodle Germany anibul18.gif (8972 Byte) Marita Lindbloms hemsida Poodle Sweden anibul18.gif (8972 Byte)
Kennel Candy Dogs Poodle Sweden anibul18.gif (8972 Byte) Masterpiece Kennel Standard Poodle /Germany anibul18.gif (8972 Byte)
Callimont Poodles Toy Poodle anibul18.gif (8972 Byte) Melanies Rainbow Bridge Page
Caniche Noir ( Standard Poodles, Sweden) Minne & Princess Finland anibul18.gif (8972 Byte)
Camelot Poodles (USA) Mineo Standard Poodle CZ anibul18.gif (8972 Byte)
Champagne D'Or (FCI) apricot Poodle Germany anibul18.gif (8972 Byte) Monikas Pudlar
Kennel Charmer Wins Poodle Sweden anibul18.gif (8972 Byte) Murphy's Home Page
Cape Rose Kennel Apricot, Cream, & White Wakefield (USA RI)  Osmanthus Poodles Italy anibul18.gif (8972 Byte)
Cabin Companions Ormar Standard Poodle ,black, white,blue Canada  stern.jpg (785 Byte)
CANMOY`S ANDA JALEO -white Standard maleanibul18.gif (8972 Byte) Pandorans Kennel - Sweden
Canmoy's Castanuela Finland Piedmont Poodles - UK anibul18.gif (8972 Byte)
Canmoy's Secrets'n'Lies Finland anibul18.gif (8972 Byte) Pinafore Standard Poodles Black, White & Silver. Alta Loma, CA
Canmoy's Poodles Finland Pinafore Standard Poodles II Black, White & Silver. Alta Loma, CA
CANTOPE Standard Poodles Canada anibul18.gif (8972 Byte) Poodle Pals SMITTEN BY THE POODLE
Carrington Standard Poodles Canada Poodles In Australia
Cavri Toy Poodle Canada anibul18.gif (8972 Byte) Pristine Poodles  Black & White. La Pine, OR  
Central Poodle Rescue Page Petri Paananen
Clarion Poodle's Black & White(USA) Preuß Germany Standard Poodle
Chase Toy- and Dwarfpoodles Finland Punapaulan Toypoodles Finland
Cha's Dance Toypoodles Finland Q.T.'s Kennel Apricot & Cream Standard Poodles
Chiesanova Poodles - Italy Racconto Kennel Finland
Country-Star Miniature Poodle, Black Germany anibul18.gif (8972 Byte) Rayah Kennels Standard Poodle Canada anibul18.gif (8972 Byte)
Cognito Kennel Toy Canada anibul18.gif (8972 Byte) Reija ( Brown Miniature Poodle,Black Standard Poodle,Sweden)
Croodle Toypoodles - Australia REFINNE Standard and Toy Poodles (USA)
Crecendo White and Silver Miniatures - Denmark Reigate Standard Poodles Canada anibul18.gif (8972 Byte)
Dagmar van der Laden Standard Poodle Germanyanibul18.gif (8972 Byte) Retniw’s Standard Poodle (USA) anibul18.gif (8972 Byte)
Damocan Brown Gazebo Finland Row-Sand's Kennels  Black & Brown. Eugene, Oregon
Danrith Australia Standard Poodle white,black,creams anibul18.gif (8972 Byte) Robinwood Poodles and Frenchies
Dawin Standard Poodles Row-Sand's Kennels 
De Elegancia Y Amor Standard Poodle Belgie anibul18.gif (8972 Byte) Kennel Rozz Poodle Sweden anibul18.gif (8972 Byte)
Diplomat Kennel Black, (Canada)   Rusch Poodle    Sweden anibul18.gif (8972 Byte)
Dimantesonar Standard Poodle Canada anibul18.gif (8972 Byte) Samarcanda Standard Poodles - Italy
Doctor Edward's   Finland anibul18.gif (8972 Byte) Sagans (Standard Poodles & Collies, Sweden)
Dorothy Dehn  Saxbyns kennel Poodle Sweden anibul18.gif (8972 Byte)
Dorian Gray Kennel Germany Scarpebox  Standard Poodle Finland
Kennel Apricot Dressed (Standard Poodles, Norway) Seagram Poodles Finland
Du Bonheur Noir Silver Poodle Netherland anibul18.gif (8972 Byte) Seransil Standard Poodle Canada anibul18.gif (8972 Byte)
Evanjas kennel   Poodle Sweden anibul18.gif (8972 Byte) Shadow's Poodle Page (USA)
Kennel Famous Kings Poodle Sweden anibul18.gif (8972 Byte) Shans - Bizhu Poodle Russia anibul18.gif (8972 Byte)
Fanci Toy Poodles Toy Poodle USA anibul18.gif (8972 Byte) Shangri-La Poodle (USA)
Fairhill Farm  Shass's Poodles  
Fifi Champers - Ireland Sharon Ciardullo Sherry Aanderud
Finesse Poodles - Canada anibul18.gif (8972 Byte) Signet  Standard Poodle Canada stern.jpg (785 Byte)
Foxcove Apricot, Red Sir Ascot's Standardpoodles Finland
Eboni - Apricot miniature male Finland Snow'n Ice Poodle Norway anibul18.gif (8972 Byte)
Elohopean Kennel Finland Sooke's Toy Poodles Toy Poodle USA anibul18.gif (8972 Byte)
Emberiza Standard Poodle Finnland Song of Okarina Standard Poodle Belgie anibul18.gif (8972 Byte)
Grace Blair Subreka Poodles  Silver, Black, White, Red, Apricot and Brown.  
Gayln Black. Chattanooga, TN Starberry Miniatur Poodle Canada anibul18.gif (8972 Byte)
Gayair Poodle Australia anibul18.gif (8972 Byte) Stenlidens kennel Poodle Sweden anibul18.gif (8972 Byte)
Gesmays's PoodlesBlack & White. Sweden   Steve Chin
Gambino Kennels - NJ Super Sonik's Silver Ravel Finland
Gilcrest Toys  SummermistStandard Poodle(USA)
Gypsy Gold Standard Poodle ,white+apricot( USA) Taccini´s Poodle Sweden anibul18.gif (8972 Byte)
Ge-La's Kennel Finland Tanis Waldo / Teannas Poodles 
Gray Day's Milk-Kiss Finland Tantje Poodle Australia anibul18.gif (8972 Byte)
Greyfun's apricot and silver miniatures Finland Tassmania Poodle Sweden anibul18.gif (8972 Byte)
Gold Star   White  Teacup   Toy Poodle Canada anibul18.gif (8972 Byte)
vom goldenen Steinchen Standard Poodle Germany von Thales Bormann Germany
Guldtackans (Poodles &  Afghans, Sweden) Thomsten´s Poodle Sweden anibul18.gif (8972 Byte)
Guillemette Kennel Canada TIARA STANDARD POODLE
Gwynson Poodle South Australia anibul18.gif (8972 Byte) Tjotte´s kennel Poodle Sweden anibul18.gif (8972 Byte)
Hightop´s kennel Poodle Sweden anibul18.gif (8972 Byte) Toyway Poodles Black, Finland 
Kennel Hjördis Poodle Sweden anibul18.gif (8972 Byte) Kennel Truckers Finland
von der Hutzelschweiz miniature Germany Untouchable's Poodle Sweden anibul18.gif (8972 Byte)
Jaana Rinkinen Ulla's Poodle Page Finland
Jade Garden Toy- and Dwarfpoodles Finland Vade's Kennel Finland
Janice Bennett Velvet Touch Kennel Apricot, Chocolate & Red. Alexandria, LA 
Jawazza Poodle Sweden Vicenta's Apricot Standardpoodles - Sweden
Joiner's Quality Kennel Finland Kennel Villa Véris Poodle Sweden anibul18.gif (8972 Byte)
Jolfan Standard Poodles (USA) Kennel Tungels Poodle Sweden anibul18.gif (8972 Byte)

Jo-Rave Toy Poodle USA Toy Poodle

Voulez Vous Poodle Norwegen anibul18.gif (8972 Byte)
Wilma and Roosa Finland
Wintell's First Tomba Boy Finland anibul18.gif (8972 Byte)
Woolly Bohemia's Kennel Finland anibul18.gif (8972 Byte)
Yellowmellow Kennel Finland